Tuesday, June 26, 2012

There are basically 7 TYPES OF GIRLS...

1. HARD DISK Girls:
Remember everything forever.

2. RAM Girls:
Forgets about you the moment you turn her off.

Just for looking.

4. INTERNET Girls:
Difficult to access.

5. SERVER Girls:
Always busy when needed.

Makes horrible things looks beautiful.

7. VIRUS Girls :
These type of girls are normally called'WIFE'
once enters in your system don't leave even after format.


Funny Pics Series

Friday, June 15, 2012


Acronyms | IT Companies

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Some great standings for great companies

1. NIIT : Not Interested in IT

2. WIPRO : Weak Input, Poor & Rubbish Output

3. HCL : Hidden Costs & Losses

4. TCS : Totally Confusing Solutions

5. INFOSYS :Inferior Offline Systems

6. HUGHES : Highly Useless Graduates Hired for Eating and Sleeping

7. BAAN : Beggars Association and Nerds

8. IBM : Implicitly Boring Machines

9. SATYAM : Sad And Tired Yelling Away Madly

10. PARAM : Puzzled And Ridiculous Array of Microprocessors

11. C-DOT : Coffee During Office Timings

12. AT&T : All Troubles & Terrible

13. CMC : Coffee, Meals and Comfort

14. DEC : Drifting & Exhausted Computers

15. BFL : Brainwash First and Let them go

17. TISL : Totally Inconsistent Systems Ltd.

18. PSI : Peculiar Symptoms of India

19. ORACLE : On-line Romance And Chatting with Lady Employees


Latest Fake News Headlines

Monday, June 4, 2012

'Rupee fall' is actually a sweet revenge by 'Dollar & Euro' because we made underwear brands out of them.


Breaking News! Shaadi.com CEO commits suicide in shame after learning that in last one month IPL has been able to fix more 'matches' than Shaadi.com. #IPL #PJ


BigB has demanded that all payments to him should be in US$ instead of rupee, "kyunki main aaj bhi gire hue paise nahi uthaata"


Law of Conservation of Love: Love can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only be transfered from one GirlFriend to another GirlFriend with loss of money, time and efforts!


History will say when our GOVT was robbing the country, INDIANS were watching IPL.


Chess says everything about men & women. The King has to take things one step at a time, while the Queen can do whatever hell she wants




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