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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Boss : There are 50 bricks on an airplane. If u drop 1 outside. How many are left? 

 : That's easy, 49.

 : What are the three steps to put an elephant into a fridge?

 : Open the fridge. Put the elephant in. Close the fridge

 : What are the four steps to put a deer into the fridge?

 : Open the fridge. Take the elephant out. Put the deer in. Close the fridge.

 : It's lion's birthday, all animals are there except one, why?

 : Because the deer is in the fridge.

 : How does an old woman cross a swamp filled with crocodiles?

 : She just crosses it because the crocodiles are at the lion's birthday

 : Last question. In the end the old lady still died. Why?

 : Er....I guess she drowned....err....

Boss : No! She was hit by the brick fallen from the airplane. That’s the problem, you are not focused on your job....You may leave now!!!

Moral: Jitna marzi prepare karlo.. Agar boss ne thaanli hai bajane ki to bajake hi rahega 


Rajnikanth Jokes | Rajni Mind It SMS

Monday, August 6, 2012

1. Once upon a time Rajnikanth used a tooth powder to get strong teeth. . . today that powder is used as


2. Once Rajnikanth was playing Cricket and Rain Stopped due to...

Heavy Play !

3. Once Rajnikanth gone for a walk and after one hour police arrested him u know why.

He reached USA and having No Visa with him! 

4. Rajnikanth was practicing spellings. The rough sheet he used is today known as the..


5. Hrithik tried to participate in a dance competition with Rajnikanth. Result: ...

He is in a wheel chair in Guzaarish !  

6. Rajnikanth was once told to choose 3 subjects when he got admission in

He chose science, arts and commerce!!!!!!! 

7. Rajnikanth can make calls from his ...
iPod to his iPad.!!! 

8. One nite, while asleep, Rajnikanth was mumbling some random numbers...
Thats how the Log table was invented. 

9. One day Rajnikanth bunked school.....   
Since then it is known as Sunday 

10. Once Rajnikanth was on the hot seat of KBC....

And the computer needed lifeline to choose the question. Mind it! 

11. Michael Jordan to Rajni: I can spin a ball on my finger for over two hours. Can you?

Rajni: .....
Rascalaa, how do you think the earth spins!? 

12. Roger Federer: I know everything about tennis. You can ask me anything.

Rajnikanth: ...  Ok. Tell me, how many holes are there in the NET?? 

13. All scientists failed to answer this but Rajnikant did.
Ques: Which liquid turns solid on heating?
Rajni: .......  DOSAI..      

14. Once a big stone obstructed Rajani's way.He kicked high in sky and now it is so called...


15. Once when performing on a beach in Tamil Nadu, Rajanikant kicked a stone..

Now that stone is known as . . . .


16. Rajinikant participated in 100 meter race and obviously he came first...
But Einstein died after watching that. . . bcoz . . . .
LIGHT came second !

17.Once Rajinikant participated in Moto gp Bike race......Don't even try to guess what happened ...........

Rajinikant won d race in neutral gear!

18. Rajinikanth doesnt breathe.

Air hides in his lungs for protection !

19. Once Rajinikant went to Bhopal for shooting and had a stomach upset.....and the result was.. . . .  


20. 1 day Rajinikant got angry on his sweeper boy., he kicked him so hard that he went flying in the sky with is broom...

2day that boy is famous as "HARRY POTTER".

21. Before Tom Cruise, Rajnikant was approached for the movie "Mission Impossible"but he refused . . . .

as he found the title insulting

22. Once Rajnikanth was asked how he felt about the jokes made on him which were spreading through sms and internet.
To everyone's surprise he started laughing and replied-  " Ennada Do you really think they are jokes? "

23. Rajni once taught a child how to play counter strike and that guy is now called..............


24. Once Dinosaurs rented some land from Rajnikanth and made mistake not to pay the dues.......

That was the last time anyone saw Dinosaurs !  thats rajni mindittttt

25. Rajinikanth once kicked a horse in the chin.

Its descendants are today called  Giraffes.

26. As a kid Rajnikant maintained a diary of day to day activities, today that diary called as. . . . . . . . .

Guinness Book Of World Records

27. Once a boy inserted A CD named Rajnikanth into his PC... Guess wot.... . . . .

His PC started Rotating around the CD rom

28. Intel's new tag line for its processors ...........  "Rajnikanth Inside"

29. Once Rajnikant taught a boy how to kiss. Now that boy is known as '. . . .

Emran Hashmi'

30. When Rajinikant croses the Road,  the cars have to look . . . . left and right before moving.

31. Next time  Rajnikanth was practicing spellings... The rough sheet he used is known as ... ... : ..

Thesaurus !!  :D,

32. If Rajnikant was born a little earlier 500 years back,  Britishers would have fought to get independence from India !!

 & know what...

  The Caucasians would have been slaves in Americas , Africa & Australia !!!

33. People will have to pass RAT EXAM from this year onwards to get admission to any professional program.

Yes RAT paper.... : : Rajnikant Aptitude Test !!!

"Guys This is SERIOUS, Please Stop making Jokes on Rajnikant da .....or else.He will Delete the INTERNET altogether daa

MIND ITT!!!.."



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