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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

  • Tajmahal ko dekh kar bola shahjahan ka potta;
    Tajmahal ko dekh kar bola shahjahan ka potta:
    Aaj hamara bhi bank balance hota, agar dada diwana na hota!!!
  • padh likh kar kya karna hai,
    aakhir ek din to sabko marna hi hai..
    mar kar bhi agar janam liya,
    to fir LKG se hi to padhna hai...
  • Teacher to a Sardar: make a sentence in which one word is repeated 4 times
    Sardar: if Lara Dutta marries Brian Lara, she becomes Lara Lara, bolo tara rara!!
  • an anxious husband called hospital to ask about his pregnant wife. accidentally he called the cricket stadium.husb: how are things?he died of heart attack on hearing the reply: fine 3 are out,hope to get 7 by lunch... last one ws a duck.."
  • a chinese couple mr. and mrs hua got twin children though they didnt want anyso what did they name them??they named them as jo hua & so hua!!!
  • sardar at an art gallery: i suppose this horrible looking thing is what you call the "modern art"
    dealer: i beg your pardon sir but thats a mirror.
  • Q: how can you identify a sardarji in a classroom?
    ans: its simple, just check who is erasing his notes when the teacher is cleaning the board!!
  • Two sardarjis looking at egyptian mummy:
    sardar 1:oh my god!! so many bandages! it was a lorry accident for sure...
    sardar 2:aaho! you are right!! look the lorry no. is also written beneath BC 1760....
  • sardar 1: why do doctors anaesthesize the patients during the operations??
    sardar 2: coz they dont want their patients to learn how to operate...


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StylishSMS June 26, 2008 at 10:19 PM  

munna bhai:ye doctor log operation karnay se pehlay patient ko be-hosh q kartay hain?
circuit:bolay to!patient khud operation karna seekh na la isleya

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