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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Anhoni ko honi kar de...
honi ko anhoni...
ek jagah jab jama ho teeno rajni, ghajni aur dhoni

खेल ख़तम, पैसा हजम!
अब सब बच्चा लोग, जा कर सो जाओ :)
...या फिर प्याला (world cup) मिलने के बाद, मधुशाला में जाओ :D
India Vs Pakistan - World Cup Semifinal 30th March 2011
Not sure about SX4, but men will keep everything waiting today.

Saw this on twitter by some one: "Dear Priyanka Chopra..please Marry Nehra and kill him...1000 khoon maaf!"

One of Pakistani blogger said they will defeat India very badly on wednesday in a blog.....
My reply-"Kutta Paalon,Billi Paalon,par galatfahmi kabhi mat palna"
JOKE of the Century- Reporter to Abhishek Bachchan: Do you know how many men your wife has dated before marriage?
Abhishek: No idea.
Reporter: Get Idea.


Barack Obama –
"I don't know about cricket but still I watch cricket to see Sachin play.
Not b'coz I love his play its b'coz I want to know the reason why my country's production goes down by 5 percent when he's in batting".

Interesting stat: "If you had bought Apple stock instead of an iPod back in 2001, you’d be about $10,000 richer." (Source: TechCrunch)
About player statistics - 1   "Statistics are like bikinis… what they reveal is suggestive, what they hide is essential!"
After poor performance in SA match, Dhoni wears a SALWAR-KAMEEZ, covers face wid shawl n sits in a bus next to a girl......
Girl: Are u Dhoni??
Dhoni: How do u know?
Girl: I m Nehra
Semi-Final Teams:

Came from Group A
1) Pakistan
2) New Zealand
...3) Srilanka

Came from Group B:

Jhund me to KUTTE aate hain... "SHER" to akela aata hai... :)


Sudeep March 30, 2011 at 1:14 AM  

Wah Wah!!! What n Idea Sirji...

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