Petrol Price Hike Jokes

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Some of the jokes on petrol price least lets enjoy the jokes if not the hike!!!

Petrol Pump Attendant : kitne ka daaloon??
Me: 2-4 rupye ka gadi ke upar spray kar de bhai. Aag lagani hai. =)

Sony's show"Crime Patrol"is soon to change its name to..
"Crime Diesel"

Kal Subah Subah Bank Ja k line me lagna padega!!
Petrol Bharvaane k liye loan chahiye!!

Breaking News : Another Rave party was busted by Mumbai Police, many rich people were caught sniffing petrol..LAMO!!! :-)

Petrol price hiked by 7.50 per litre.Aur karo Santa Banta ke jokes.Dekha sardar ka revenge!

Petroleum Minister had a sip of thumbs Up and Said..
"Aaj Kuch Toofani Karte Hai"

1 litre petrol= 1 litre beer...Jhumoo ya fir ghumoo d choice is yours

one more one more
Harbhajan to Dhoni: Hum to Jaanboojh ke match haare.Pata hai, jeetne waali team ko jo Volkswagen mil raha hai,wo petrol ki hai :-):-D 

Finally its gonna be a dream come true for girls :-D
Dreaming for a man to come on.a white horse! ;-)


All thanks to the petrol price hike! ;-):-)


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