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Saturday, September 17, 2011


Behind evry gr8 STATUS... there is ctrl+c & ctrl+v... ;


Differences between social networks: 
Twitter: I'm peeing right now.
Facebook: I just peed.
Foursquare: I'm peeing here. / You just became the mayor of the toilet.
YouTube: Watch this pee!
LinkedIn: I am good at peeing
G+: I control who watches this Pee


GIRLS status on fb - : (
Comments :
1 .Haww! Kya hua?
2 .Hey,evryt hing ok ? Shud i call ?
3 .Hey,dnt b sad . Tell me wat hppned ?
4 .Evrythng's gonna be ok baby, chill.

BOYS status on fb - :(
Comments :
1 .Rota hi rahio zindagi bhar kutte
2 .Kya hua kamine
3 .Haramkhor Dukhi aatma.
4 .Zindagi barbaad hai teri saale . :D



This is called Internet Age -
One friend says to another - "I have Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, MSN Messenger, Skype and Twitter."
2nd Friend: "Dude, do you have a life?"
1st Friend: "OMG! No! Send me the link!"


A boy's fb status:
i m online during class.. hahahah
cmnt frm his tchr:
beta tst me 0 mila h ,,,aake dekhega ya fir tag karu,,,, ????


Height of Tension: Obama updated his status on Facebook "Osama is dead, justice has been done". He got a notification: Osama Bin Laden likes your status .


New corralory of Parkinson's Law:
"Facebook increases the workload of people on their birthdays."


Dadi marte hue boli - "Main apna farm, 6 tractor 50 janwar & 22389630 cash tumhARE naam karti hoon"
Pota- "Ye sab kahan hai dadi?"
Dadi- Farmville mein


Facebook Fever:
Once a guy updated his status "I am gonna sleep on terrace tonight :)"
After sometime
17 mosquitoes liked his status!!


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