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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Newly married Husband:
I had 10 affairs before marriage!!
Smart Wife: Mujhe pata tha ki jab kundli mein 36 ke 36 gun mile hain, toh aadate bhi zarur milengi...!
Wife Rocks !!! Husband Shocks !!! 


SIR:- Whats difference between Coffee Shop & Wine Shop? 
Very Simple sir,
Love Starts in
Coffee Shop,
Love Ends in Wine Shop..


Shaadi ke 5 years baad, on Valentine's day, husband brought white roses for wife.

Patni: Yeh kya White Roses kyon? Valentine Day par toh Red Roses dete hai na?

Pati: Ab Zindagi me, Pyaar se jyada Shaanti ki Jarurat hai.


Fun Time........... 
1 husband-apne marriage certificate ko 1ghante se dekh rah tha
Wife-tum 1ghante se kya dekh rahe ho? 
Hubby:expiry date dhoond raha hu. Saalo ne likhi nahi


A Lady visited A Bar for the First Time, She Sat on the Table in Front of the BarTender..A Guy at Her Left ordered: "Jack Daniels, Single"A Guy at Her Right ordered: "Johnny Walker, Single"The Bar Tender Looked at the Lady & said: And You..??Lady replied: "Rupali Deshpande, Married..!!"


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