Naughty SMS - 1

Sunday, May 17, 2009

1. Mom asks her daughter, ”do u know the meaning of mangalsutra?” Daughter replies, “Yes! License to enjoy kamasutra.”
2. This time I’m really sure about my feelings and I’m going to say it to u… I..I..I lo I lo lo lo I lo I love love y I love your messages.
3. Aaj pyaar, kal deedar,parso yaar, phir ikrar,phir inkar,phir takrar,saari mehnat bekaraur aakhir mein ek aur devdas at bar.
4. Why madras is named Chennai? Coz madrasis wear lungi in which there is no zip…, Chen Nai samjhe.
5. U n Me do it in the bed, do it in car, in sitting, in standing,isn’t it best doing it lying down, hey don’t we do SMS in all these positions.
6. Itne saalon ke baad bhi who hame dekh kar muskurate hai…, sale bacche hee kamine hai jo mama mama chillate hai…!
7. Jab tum is duniya se door jaaogedoor kahin ek naya janam paaoge, is baar jo galtee se hua so hua, agli baar ek lambi pooch aur chaar tange paaoge.
8. aap jab haste ho to pata chalta hai insaan pehle Bandar tha. ANGRY. Par aap jab angry hote ho to pata chalta hai insaan aaj bhi Bandar hai.
9. If u read this I’m smart, if u save this u agree that I’m smart, if u forward this u r spreading that I’m smart and if u delete this u r jealous, coz I’m smart.
10. Daru se nasha badta hai, nashe se junoon,junoon se mehnat, mehnat se paisa, paise se izzat. Isiliye izzat pane ke liye daru peena jaroori hai
11. tumhare naam ki gazalein chaand par likhne ko jee chahta hai… par kya karoon yeh jaalim khwab amawas ki raat ko hee aata hai.
12. We have known each other 4 quite a whilenow, do u think we can be more than friends? Coz I like u very much to b my partner 2 rob a bank 2nite.
13. boss gave a miniskirt to secretary as first month salary. In the second month he got impressed by her work and raised her first month salary.
14. a rose 4 u- rs10, a card 4 u- rs25, a movie 4 u- rs150, a diiner 4 u- rs 250, a person like u- priceless…… abbey chane ke jhaad par mat chad priceless matlab fokat.
15. not every flower can represent love but roses did it!not every tree can stand thirst but Cactus did it. Not every monkey can read but you did it.
16. do ladka ladki … aha! Raat ke andhere mein… aha! Jhari ke peeche…aha!daba daba ke…aha! Chus chus ke…aha! Frooti pe rahe the..aha!
17. when I c d stars I c u. when I c d moon I c u. when I c d sky I c u. when I c d trees I c u. baazu hat jao u r blocking d view.
18. shahjahan moorkh tha jo kar diya kharcha TAJ par… har raat ek nayi mumtaz aa jati us kharche ke byaz par.
19. aahat see koi aaye to lagta hai kit um ho, hawa koi lahraye to lagta hai kit um ho. Ab tumhi batao kyat um kisi bhoot se kam ho.
20. manzil ki taraf badte chalo, jo dil kahe usi par chalo, peeche walo ko aage mat jane do aur jo aage hai unse aage niklo tab acche truck driver bano.
21. sardar reads a poster outside police station. Wanted for rape and murder. He goes inside and says “sir I want to apply for this job”.
22. a man named his three kids NC,MC,ABC. Natural curiosity, mutual consent and absolute bloody carelessness.
23. Bandar ka beta apni maa se bola, maa main kitna badsurat hu. Uski Maa boli beta tu to phir bhi theek hai use dekh jo message pad raha hai.
24. This cat is cat a cat good cat way cat to cat keep cat idiot cat busy cat for cat 20 cat seconds cat. Read all without cat.
25. Khuda se manga phool to bagicha diya.Khuda se manga ghar to mahal diya.khuda se mange paise to aapka number diya, batao kab lene aau.
26. y does a man carry his wife’s photo in the wallet?Bcoz whenevr he faces any problem, he c d photo and thinks-if I can handle THIS I can handle nething.


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