Naughty SMS - 2

Sunday, May 17, 2009

27. Sardarji is buying a TV. "Do you have colour TVs?" "Sure." Give me a green one, please.
28. Why did 18 Sardarjis go to a movie? Because below 18 was not allowed.
29. Teacher: "Can anybody give an example of COINCIDENCE ?”One Student : "Sir, my Mother and Father got married on the same day"
30. A boy meets her girlfriend. They both are in deep love. When they go 2 kiss suddenly a dog come and kisses the girl. Why? Bcoz wherever u go our network follows.
31. Old man enterd in PCO. The girl asked “babaji kithe karna hai”. The man replied kursian te ta okha hoju thalle hee boriya bicha le.
32. My dear friend the best quality I like about you is that u r very sentimental… ………… 1% senti .. 99% mental.
33. ------------------------------------- got confused!!! Are yaar tumhe line maar raha hu.
34. Heartbeats are countless,spirits r ageless,dreams r endless,memories r timeless. A friend like u is shameless..oops priceless.
35. Falling in luv is sweet ambition,finding true luv is life time mission, take my word n follow the Indian tradition and marry ur dad’s ugly decision.
36. A smile is a sign of joy, a hug is a sign of luv, a laugh is a sign of happiness& a friend like is a sign of “Damn Good Luck”.
37. How ho bow bow aaaooo bow aeee aee bow bow how bow bow how bow… u clear the doggy test.Contact if u wanna be a pet.
38. bandh do 2-4 botle kafan mein kabr mein baith kar piya karenge. Jab mangega khuda gunaho ka hisab to 2-3 peg use bhi diya karenege.
39. I mixed RUM in water and got drunk. I mixed BRANDY in water and got drunk. I mixed WHISKY in water and got drunk again. Now I have decided never to drink water again !!!
40. Good looks catch the eyes but Good Personality catches the heart, You are blessed with both! FLATTERED?. Don't Be,it was sent to me, I just wanted you to read it.
41. From Mon to Sun, From Jan To Dec, From birth till my death, my feelings 4 u have never changed. For me, you've always been........... a headache!
42. 1 day u'll B srprisd 2C ME beside U. U & ME laughing, U & ME crying, U & ME dreaming, U & ME holding on, U & ME... just U & ME sitting in a MENTAL HOSPITAL & ME CHECKING U.
43. I cannot hide this from u any more. I don't want 2 hurt u and I feel it's best if tell u, before you hear it from someone else ..... Potato Prices Have gone Up !
44. Could u fax me ur photo very very urgently? Mind u - it's really very very urgent, damn serious and very imp .....I'm playing cards and we've misplaced the JOKER.
45. Maine puchha chand se "dekha hai kahin mere yaar sa hasin", chand ne kaha "saale itni upar se dikhta hai kya".
46. Zindagi mein tum bahut aage jaaoge, kyonki jahan bhi tum jaooge, sab kahenge, chal be chal aage chal.
47. Why did sachin marry a older woman? Because a good batsman likes loose balls!
48. Why did kumble marry a divorcee? Because good spinners likes used balls
49. Why did it not work out between saurav and nagma because he does not like to play swinging balls and never plays on the leg side.
50. Azaruddin asks sangeeta bijlani after their first night, " how was the shot between two fine legs?" she says" shot was good, but you r not the opening batsman"


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